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Bodyweight Training in Performance Athletes + Sample Workouts

By Keilan Dobish

Bodyweight Training in Performance Athletes + Sample Workout The majority of individuals will associate working out or training with at gym with equipment such as dumbbells, barbell’s, kettlebells, machines, etc. However, there may be times that these luxuries may not be available, or even necessary. A lot of people tend to underestimate the value and significance of simply utilizing their own bodyweight for workouts.

An overlooked importance of bodyweight workouts is the fact of allowing young or inexperienced individuals to become more comfortable and familiar within their own bodies, and learning how to use their own bodies more effectively. When an individual is newer to sport/activity(especially if they begin at an age where their body is more developed), they may struggle to fully understand how to use their own body to the best of their abilities. This is especially evident in larger individuals who begin playing sports at a later age in their childhood. Included below are 3 different bodyweight workouts. The 1st is a circuit focused solely on strength training. The 2nd is a circuit that combines strength along with cardio. The 3rd one is a strength training workout designed for performance athletes. Enjoy!