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THE ARENA by Goliath High Performance




Upon Entrance:

  • Everyone must sanitize upon entry at door (bottle on shoe rack).

  • No outdoor shoes worn into gym floor

  • Masks must be worn in the facility unless physically active. 


Change Rooms:

It is recommended clients come pre changed in workout attire. However, if not possible then:

  • All toiletries, hair dryers and amenities have been removed for time being. Only soap or sanitizer supplied.



  • Masks must be worn until further notice.

  • It is recommended that staff to carry own hand sanitizer with them. 

  • Staff will remain 3 meters physically distant each others.


‘First Time Back’ Waiver:

  • For client’s first time back in the facility, they must sign the COVID Waiver. This only needs to be done once for each participant. Please make sure they are aware of the signs + symptoms checklist portions provided by AHS.

  • Staff are also required to sign this waiver.


Enhanced Cleaning:

  • Hand Sanitizer at entrance for those coming and leaving.

  • Clients will be asked to thoroughly clean all equipment with disinfectant spray after use.

  • Electrostatic spraying units used weekly

  • Daily cleaning will be done on high touch surfaces (door knobs, railings, shelves, etc). 


Group Classes:

Unless from same household or cohort:

  • Maintain 3 M distance between participants

  • No sharing of equipment without being sanitized

  • Minimize early arrival, or congregating on premises. Please try and only have clients arrive 10 min prior to session if possible. Especially during peak hours. 

  • Keep bay door open when possible for increased air flow. 

  • Limit movement around gym when possible. 


Cardio Equipment:

  • Move bikes, rowers around to help with physical distancing (at least 3 m apart). Return bikes to home space after they have been sanitized by user.



The Arena by Goliath High Performance

COVID-19 Rapid Response Plan


Symptoms prior to arrival at the Arena:


  1. If any client displays any Covid-19 symptoms or feel they may be getting sick and have a session that day, they must call their trainer and are not permitted to return until they are symptom free. 

  2. If any trainer, tenant, sub-contractor, or client becomes ill and shows covid-19 symptoms prior to entering the facility, they must self-isolate and get tested. If their test comes back negative, and they did not have known exposure to covid-19, they must stay home until they are symptom free, and follow the up to date guidelines from AHS. 

  3. If they test positive for covid-19, they must notify their trainer, contractor, or sub-contractor, who then in turn notifies a facility manager. The facility managing team will then proceed to contract trace and call all people who may have had contact with that individual at the facility. 

  4. All trainers, contractors, and sub-contractors who have had close contact will be asked to get tested, and everyone will be advised to monitor symptoms.

  5. If a staff member, contractor, or sub-contractor tests positive for covid-19, we will close the facility down immediately so it can be cleaned and disinfected. It will remain closed until it is deemed safe to reopen. 

  6. Any individual who has tested positive for covid-19 must self-isolate for 14 days, and receive a negative test prior to returning to the facility. 



If Symptoms occur while at The Arena:


  1. The contractor or trainer will contact the covid-19 manager and inform them that one of their clients has become symptomatic.

  2. The covid-19 manager informs the trainer to stop their activity, have the symptomatic person, as well as everyone in their group, immediately put on a mask and hand sanitize and to stay in the gym.

  3. The covid-19 manager will ask the trainer if the individual is able to leave the facility on their own. If they can then the individual would be directed to exit avoiding all contact with other people. If they are not able to leave on their own then they would be taken to the spare office upstairs (office #1) or the back area staff Lounge to isolate until they could safely leave the facility. 

  4. The covid-19 manager will immediately ask all people apart of that booking (trainer included) to leave the facility. Wearing appropriate PPE, the corresponding area will be shut down and cleaned/disinfected.

  5. The incident needs to be recorded with the facility managing team. A Facility Manager will be responsible for sharing this information with all tenants, subcontractors, and trainers.

  6.  The Facility Manager who becomes aware of a presumed or confirmed case will contact AHS, or the Unified Communications Centre (UCC) at 780-492-5555 and provide their name, contact info, and request a call back from the EHS Member ONCALL.

  7. The Facility Manager will follow the direction of the EHS Member ONCALL, AHS, and representatives of the Public Health Response Team (PHRT).

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