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5 Row Variations

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Hey Goliath family! Performance Coach Jaco here for another addition of #WisdomWednesday

This week we’ll be diving into 5 Back Row variations as I’ve noticed myself making these progressions and regressions lately in my training to suit various different clients’ abilities. 

Before we start let’s do a quick warm up:

90/90 Hip Circuit  2 sets / 10 reps / each way.

Bird Dog + Dead Bug 2 sets / 10 each side

Cat Cow 2 sets / 10 reps

Wall Scaps 2 sets / 10 reps

RKC Breath Planks 2 sets / 5 exhales

Scap Push ups 2 sets / 10 reps

Now each variation offers its own pros and cons and I’ve ordered them from most supported to least. You’ll notice that all of these variations will all target the same muscles of the back in different ways. Other supporting muscles will come into play and we will cover those when we get there.