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12 Warmup/Activation Drills

Don't know how to warmup? Always getting hurt? Here's 12 key warmup/mobility exercises you should be incorporating into your program.

#1 Deadbugs

Purpose: Core activation, Transverse Abdominis, Prep Hip Flexors

Reps: 10/side

Sets: 2-3

#2 McGill Curl-Up/Crunch

Purpose: Core Activation, Transverse and Rectus Abdominis, Slight Spinal Flexion

Reps: 3-5 Exhales/side OR 10s hold each side

Sets: 2-3

# 3 RKC Front and Side Plank with Maximal Exhales

Purpose: Core Activation, CNS Reset.

Reps: 5 Exhales each

Sets: 2-3

#4 Birddog

Purpose: Core Activation, Spinal Stability

Reps: 10/side

Sets: 2-3

#5 Quadruped Thoracic Spine Rotations

Purpose: Create Thoracic Spine Rotation

Reps: 5-8/side

Sets: 1-2

#6 Isometric Resistance Band Deadbugs

Purpose: Core Activation, Hip Flexor Prep and Mobility

Reps: 20s Iso hold each side or 5 Reps

Sets: 2-3

#7 Banded Monster Walks (Banded Glute Activation Complex)

Purpose: Glute Activation

Reps: 10-15Y or 10-12 reps per direction/Movement

Sets: 2-3

#8 90/90 Hip Mobility Series

Purpose: Hip Activation and Mobility

Reps: 5 per progression

Sets: 1-2/side

#9 Straight Leg Dead-bug

# 10 Push Plank Knee Tucks

Purpose: Core Activation, Spinal Stability, Shoulder Stability

Reps: 10/side

Sets: 2-3

#11 Banded 8 Walks

Purpose: Glute Activation

Reps: 10 Y or 10-12 reps per side

Sets: 2-3

#12 Clamshells

Purpose: Glute Activation

Reps: 15-20/side

Sets: 2-3

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