Become a GOLIATH.

Performance training is always growing and expanding. Our team is dedicated to furthering our education and research into the latest tactics and strategies on how to further performance. We strive for academic excellence while you strive for athletic greatness. Commit your yourself and your time and we will help you maximize your athletic potential.

1-1 Private Training:  $75/session

Semi Private Training: $50/session

Open Group Training: $35/Session

Online Virtual Training: Prices Vary.

Starter Pack: (Movement assessment, 2 training sessions, program) $325

The Goliath PKG: Unlimited Training! Get up to 30 days worth of training per month with a minimum 3 month commitment. $650/month.

Athlete Combine: A series of physical assessments and tests including strength, speed, mobility, vertical leap and touch, and several anthropometric measurements. $45


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